Heather Floyd

Board Member


Making a positive impact in the brain injury community has been a passion of mine since 2010, when my son survived a severe brain bleed. I started speaking at a few local events in 2010, and shared TJ’s story with the hopes that it would help other families. I have volunteered my time since then through speaking events, legislation, moderating and facilitating support groups with tens of thousands of members, helmet giveaways, advocating for comprehensive cognitive pediatric services, and focus groups.

In 2011 I started a support group online for anyone affected by brain injury. Through this group I quickly learned the need for services, community understanding, medical knowledge, and more was lacking at not only a state level, but a national level as well. As this group quickly grew, we recognized the importance of a more private need for survivors and their family members. I started another group with invite or approve only exclusions to allow members to discuss much needed items privately. Between both groups there are now roughly 67,200 members in over 80 countries and growing daily.

In 2015 our family opened up to the community when we allowed local television station WLKY to follow our life for a 30 minute special. I allowed the camera crew to come to neurosurgery appointments in Cincinnati and to therapy appointments.

Recognizing the importance in preventing brain injuries, TJ and I ventured into legislative advocacy. In 2016 and every subsequent year following, we worked alongside other advocates in the community to spearhead HB 254 “TJ’s Bill.” This legislation focused on helmet safety in our children in the commonwealth. In 2020 we had garnered much community support including but not limited to UL and UK Trauma teams, Safe Kids, K-Span, Kentucky Hospital Association, and The American Legion.

In 2018 I started non-profit TJ’s Warriors, which is safety focused on helmets for our youth but with fun twist in the hopes to bridge the gap of youth resistance to wearing one. I facilitated many events and giveaways. In 2020, I facilitated our first official school giveaway to the 1st grade class at Lagrange Elementary. I am the current sitting President of TJ’s Warriors.

In 2020 I quickly recognized the need for supports for survivors when they were unable to attend much needed programs due to COVID-19. I started my third support group via Zoom to help survivors. This group is still meeting to this day via Zoom and has connected individuals from different areas of the commonwealth.

In 2021 I worked with The University of Kentucky to help them start a support group with focus on their SLP Program Graduates.

In 2022 I was a panel speaker for Think First National Prevention Foundation’s 2022 conference. I shared valuable information with providers and other family members.

Presently, I still run all support groups. My passion continues to lie with survivors and their families in helping them spread awareness for their needs. I have learned and continue to learn from many people and to this day am blessed for what I have learned.